Into the Glorious - Christy Nockels User Reviews

  • She needs more air play

    By zhanetka
    I have always loved Christy! Her song writing has so much depth. And I'm just wondering why radios don't play her stuff?!?! This amazing artist needs to get more air play. People need to hear this music and be encouraged by it. I'm tired of my local Christian station playing stuff that was released 15 years ago when there is so much new music to be shared.
  • Favourite writer

    By Dcarter72
    Christy puts into music the sentiments and thoughts I wish I could express. What a gift and blessing.
  • Worship. Yes.

    By jennsh
    Love this album. Can't get enough of the vocals, lyrics and the lift of my gaze. #hallelujah
  • Great

    By NEPatsgrl
    Just found her, wonderful album
  • Absolutely wrecked me!

    By LBall02
    Christy's vocals are as gorgeous as ever, but the lyrical depth of the songs is just stunning. I somehow missed that she had released a new album last year, so I'm picking it up quite late, but God's timing was perfect in that every song was timely for what I am currently walking through with Him right now, being wrecked all over again by the depth of His endless love! Thank you, Christy... this is an amazing project and it is ministering to me deeply!

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