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  • One of the top 5 best album of it's time

    By Bshaft001
    Brandon has delivered a heart felt, down to earth album. An album that it's listeners can relate to both in their personal life or in relation to those we know.
  • Good stuff

    By 272727wuwuwu
    Good stuff
  • Awesome Album!!!

    By 5er4life
    Love songs "your love" and "the light in me." In my top 5 list of fav albums!! A must buy. The lyrics are so encouraging and uplift me every time i listen. Great job, Brandon!!!!
  • You are awsome

    By Jay4444444444
    My favorite song is light in me and oh how it makes me happy
  • the light in me is amazing

    By this is not the very best of
    the light in me is an amazing song the lirics are amazing if im angry our something like that i whisper to myself you put the light in me and then i remember we are supposed to love because we are gods chrildren the song your love is also amazing because it says gods love is the only thing thatm matters
  • Amazing

    By Emiliejj12
    I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm in love with this album ! 💜
  • Love

    By xjmorey
    I grew up on a lot of christian singers like chris tomlin my favorite and brandon heath is my 2 favorite i also grew up on the afters jason gray matt redman chris august colton dixon tobymac hawk nelsom and a lot of other people but brandon heath is the best!
  • Awesome

    By Bingo G
    This track is great. I love Christian and rock music. It's like Brandon Heath puts them both together and creates a new genre.
  • Awesome

    By JoshuaImanuel
    God bless Brandon Heath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ^_^

    By Bubbles,Buttercup & Pikachufan
    <3 <3 <3

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