Moonrise - David Friedman User Reviews

  • A hidden gem not to be missed.

    By Jonnycakes
    A beautiful, atmospheric, elegantly crafted collection of instrumental music. Gorgeously mixed and produced, Friedman's piano playing while not always the most complex is rich, vibrant, and packed with emotion. Wonderful melodies and dynamics. A rare, out of print CD, and therefore a bargain here on I-Tunes. Not only should you not miss this one, you should tell a friend. Outstanding.
  • Stunning Visual Music

    By sumarimike
    Moonrise is a rare find and provides the listener with a great musical journey. On one hand, the music can be listened to in the background as you do other things--it's very much like movie music that should enhance what you are doing without calling attention to itself. On the other hand, when listened to carefully, there's a depth of variation and subtlety in each carefully constructed song. This album is clearly a labor of love and detailed expression. A must for your collection.

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