My Guilty Pleasure - Sally Shapiro User Reviews

  • Never Fails To Deliver

    By GeorgeGlass
    Sally Shapiro NEVER fails to deliver AMAZING music. Every song on every album is constructed in the most unique way. Beautiful ethereal singing, melodic synths, pads and bass takes you to another place. This is a welcome tribute to a modern 80's sound. SALLY SHAPIRO THANK YOU and keep up the great art!
  • They did it again!!!

    By sunspotsn
    Music from the heart that you feel. Thank You.
  • Another album very worth listening to

    You know that Sally's music will be playing all over in clubs so don't get mad. This is another rising star people. Give notice. She's brining back the 80's! (in a good way )
  • Giv it a try

    By esketch
    Ethereal singing over a melodic dance track? I'm listening. I'm always a sucker for good music.
  • FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

    By charlie2930
    this has to be one of the most fantastic albums of the year!!! Sally Shapiro captures the magic and takes you away with her lyrics, voice and beats