Soon Be Time - Bruce Molsky User Reviews

  • Bawling while driving

    By meltedwings
    I heard "Bury Me Not" on NPR recently, and, uncharacteristically, I was moved to tears. Molsky's voice is haunting and seems to penetrate the psyche, leaving you with a feeling of catharsis and glee. He is a clear and resonate voice in the world of traditional American music.
  • A great bridge album

    By All American Chef
    I heard "On My Street", an original acoustic guitar track, on the radio and purchased the whole album. What a pleasant surprise. I have found the whole of the album to be interesting, engaging and diverse. Molsky presents both his own composition and soulful arrangements of classic folk tunes. "Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie" is absolutely haunting in its sparce beauty; I cannot stop playing it. "The Golden Willow Tree" is also a fantastic tune that you cannot help but get stuck in your head. If you want something new and at the same time hauntingly familiar, purchase this album.

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