The Grind Date - De La Soul User Reviews

  • itunes is not representing real hip hop

    By Wreck Time
    itunes is doing a disservice to hip hop heads by not downloading artists classic albums catalogs like de la soul for example how is it that this is the only de la soul album from their whole catalog?!? no 3 feet high and rising? no balloon mind state? no da la soul is dead? and no stakes is high? unacceptable!!! by the way de la soul isn’t the only artist itunes has ignored finesse and syquins “soft but deadly” original flavor “can i get open” chubb rock “i gotta get mine” ( book of rhymes) breeze “T.Y.S.O.N” soundbombing volumes 1 & 2 doug e fresh “worlds greatest entertainer“ uptown records “uptown’s kick’n it” curren$$y & styles p “jekyll and hyde” action bronson “chandeliers” domo genesis and alchemist “daily news” i could go on and on....
  • De La Soul

    By busyguy14
    Been banging this for 15 years. We need Stakes is High, 3 Feet High and Rising etc.
  • Give us more great music

    By bigland_rnb
    Please give us Three High and Rising.😄
  • Really good album!

    By Atlass44
    Where is “Ooooh”? :-(
  • Very underrated album

    By the dab
    Only $5.99. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

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