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  • Great performance, weak production

    By TxnTom
    As so many have mentioned, this is a very welcomed addition to the Toto catalogue and long overdue. The fellows are still some of the best at what they do and don't disappoint in their craft. What DOES disappoint is the presentation of the performance. The overall sound is muddy and when examined in a production suite, the reasons are many. Someone with experience at top notch production had to be absent during the mixdown and mastering. When examined as a whole, there are THOUSANDS of clipped samples in the recording. This comes from the industry-wide tendency to max out the volume to 0db and above. Distortion results every time. If the multi-tracks were turned over to an engineer and producer who actually knew what they were doing, this could be SO much better. The songs will stand on their own...the production is crippled from the start.
  • Talent never goes out of style...

    By Road Gripper
    TOTO is a powerhouse of talent with each member bringing a mind-boggling amount of artistrty and talent to their instrument. To listen to TOTO live is to experinence the ultmuate form of concert going experience.
  • Amazing Album!

    By Cubanoo
    I can't believe this is one of my favourite Toto Albums, I haven't listened to them since quite a while and this album invigorated my love for them, they are undoubtedly an aggressive-yet-melodic band, that everyone should love this album is guaranteed
  • Love the band, please less complession/limiting

    By Oleg Naumenko
    And please less of this "loudness war" hard limiting (almost clipping) often heard on loud parts. Come on, You are veterans, You don't need to be super loud to be heard! Love You anyway!
  • Best Album I've Heard in Years

    By Bernard1090
    Simply stated, this album is musically brilliant. I hear something new with each listen, as the craftsmanship of these musicians is mind blowing. Why Toto is selling out concerts around the world but being ignored in America is absolutely puzzling to me. The track "Burn" should be on the radio. "Great Expectations" is beautifully complex like a classical piece. In fact, every song stands on its own - a rarity. No filler songs on this one. Folks, if you appreciate great music, download this album.

    By King Rygar
    I've "liked" Toto forever... I had their Past to Present CD since Columbia House days, and kinda left it at that. Not sure how, but recently I got back into them, and started getting the individual albums which I usually do when I really start to enjoy a band. I have had The Seventh One, Farenheit, and Hydra playing alot here recently, and just picked the new album as my next. I wasn't honestly expecting it to be this good.... It's actually really awesome and I am a big fan of the Joseph Williams vocals on Farenheit and Seventh One so I was more than excited he was back. There is even one song that he pretty much nails his exact tone/sound from those days... The guitar, bass, drums... Everything just truly blew me away. Thank you Toto! I'll be buying the vinyl straight from your site here soon ;-)
  • Refined, smooth, musically intense!

    By Sheriffntx
    Goddamn I've missed Joseph Williams on vocals! Good to hear him again. Not to take anything away from the other guys in the band. They sound as good as they always have. But Toto, the 7th One, came out when I was a youngster and I loved that album and always associated Toto with Williams. This album just blows me away. It's good to see the guys are still putting out solid jams that are as powerful as always. However... As some other reviewers have stated, the engineering seems a bit muddy I guess is the best way to describe it. I thought it was my headphones but after trying all 4 pair I own, (a pair of $300 monsters) something still sounded "off". But these are all still wonderful songs! I've always been and still am a huge Toto fan and this album does not disappoint. Keep it up guys! It never disappoints!
  • Superbly written songs, superbly performed...great LP

    By Runcis
    It's been a long time since I've wanted to listen to all tracks on a disc repeatedly. Usually, there are only one or two tracks that I like and the rest are forgotten. Not so with this recording. Each song is strong and, contrary to some reviews, I don't believe that they belong on a Lukather solo album, a Steeley Dan album or that the engineering is off. This is Toto at its finest. I've listened to the tracks on a variety of systems and love the results each time. The bass is gloriously deep and the groove it sets, especially on 21st Century Blues, is delicious. My only chagrin is that our US radio waves are silent. We need to be hearing these songs on the radio. One of the best of 2015 FOR SURE!!
  • Love Me Some Toto

    By JoeOvert
    This is an amazing collection of pure Toto. Outstanding work guys.
  • Awesome!

    By BHaukoos
    I've been a fan since I bought their first album and saw them in concert in 1980 for the Hydra tour. These guys are incredibly talented and I'm can't get enough of this new music. I only hope I get to see them perform in concert in U.S

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