• Just wonderful!

    By RoseJ100
    Took my breath away!
  • better than original

    By Highuggjhhhhhhbbbnnnnnnnnngvh
    trust me
  • Definition of Cover...

    By Ashley Ash Key
    Song Cover: An interpretation of a song that speaks to the remakers themselves and that may or may not have been the goal to sing exactly the same as the original. This cover was amazing and very emotional and the visuals made it even better. I absolutely loved it. It sort of DID sound like the original.
  • OMG Pentatonix!

    By Tristen_Singer
    This video is so meaningful and emotional. I like how each person had a solo. I'd rate this an infinity stars if I could because Pentatonix is the reason why I love acapella music. I love this video and I'm glad I could download it.⚫️💖💙💚💛
  • well

    By Breno Loureiro
    This video makes me cry...
  • MR

    By 16/4/1982
    Lo mego
  • Breathtaking Cover!

    By Mom45angels
    AMAZING cover of a timeless classic! The arrangement was spot on and the vocals -you can just drown in those perfect harmonies! If this doesn't touch you on some level, are you really even human?
  • not bad!

    By casanova9
    like the original way better!!!

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