Angel With an Attitude (Bonus Track Version) - Samantha Fox User Reviews

  • Angel is almost Angelic!

    Sams 6th studio album is my second fav! next to 21'st century fox. this cd is about music with a good beat. it's not gonna save the world. but the lyrics (mostly written by sam) are very personal and dramatic. she realy let's you in on this album. a great mixture of pop/rock/electrodance. it's great for any fan of sam or someone lookin for something fresh to add to their collection. my fav is the haunting title track, especialy the second verse! it's too bad though that this cd does not include the songs "sugar" or "the winner takes it all" which are from the same time period, but can be purchased alswhere, it would have made it complete for any soldier of the foxy army! if you want some catchy tunes with personal lyrics then u should enjoy this cd. but like i said, take it for what it is. an artistic good time. not "the joshua tree"! i say buy it. it's great! THE FOX ROX 2009!!!!!