Another Day On the Terrace - Sunlounger User Reviews

  • My anthem for Maui

    By pixel71
    I bought this album without hearing much, became my soundtrack for Maui, still reminds me every time tracks play
  • Awesome Album!!

    By BChiron
    One of my favorite albums in any genre of music and one of my favorite albums in the dance genre. Very relaxing and soothing tracks on the first disk and great remixes on the second disk.
  • I don't get sick of this album

    By yangky
    I bought this album as massage/spa music after I don't even remember how many google searches for "best chillout album". This is an excellent album, the tracks are very relaxing, but they're actually pretty inspiring (for lack of a better term to describe it). I don't just use it for spa days anymore, I also use it for relaxing in the plane, and I've never gotten sick of it.
  • The Album Mixes Are Very Nice But the Club Mixes Are Fabulous

    By bedat
    So cheerful, dancable and uplifting. Same quality as Sunny Tales, if not better. DJ Shah aka Roger Shah aka Sunlounger way to go!
  • Sipmly Perfect

    By Sych
    Dj Shah shouldn't even be referred to as a dj. He is a musician! His music is just perfect especially for the summer. It's a must have for lounging on the beach. Thanks Shah
  • The only good track is....

    By The Trance 'N' Thusiast
    The one track that strikes pure emotion and is worth buying is Another Day On the Terrace.
  • seis cuerdas is awesome

    By jimmy page
    check out their other albums, their amazing.
  • One of the best chillout

    By SkinTrade
    They've gotten alot of play by the top 3. AvB, PVD, Tiesto. The entire album is excellent, top to bottom. Turn the chillout CD on by the pool or beach. Nothing like it.
  • It Will Transport You To The Beach At Sunset!

    By Carrie Lynn is smiling again <3
    I found this album by complete accident and I am so glad I did! It is absolutely incredible and the price can't be beaten. Soulful, romantic, upbeat...there's something for everyone. Track #1 is my favorite, followed by #13 and #5. Don't miss out!!
  • an album for all preferences

    By sp8cem0nkey
    this is an incredible album that deserves more credit. it's a great piece of work that encompasses all music tastes. i am not into the official "dance" genre as itunes assigns it to, but this cd seems to be perfect for any occasion. it's perfect for long plane flights when you hit play on the continuous track and wake up an hour+ later. the fact that you are getting 23 tracks and almost 4+ hours of music makes the price invisible.

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