Live At Wembley Arena - ABBA User Reviews

  • Nice Anniversary Present!

    By magoo 22
    It was the year after I graduated high school. My friend was sick so luckily I got to use his ticket. After I took my seat the dusty old Omaha Civic Auditorium was transformed into a place on Middle Earth, with 2 Elven Kings & 2 Elven Queens present. Fair they were, and their voices fairer still! For they were masters of their craft and they weaved their spell and it was wonderful. For I knew them and loved them because I had all the Atlantic 45's. And I'll never see such a wonder again!
  • This album is awesome

    By OneParticularParrothead
    This album is absolutely wonderful. Listening to this album takes me back to September 30, 1979 when I saw Abba in Chicago on their only American tour. The beautiful thing about this album is that it was not cleaned up and polished. It is wonderful life Abba.
  • Very Epic!!

    By redrick
    My being born in 1972, these quartet singers were having their heyday when I was learning to walk. So, this is as close as I can get to a live performance. I am a huge ABBA fan, and this will get a very much welcomed addition to my library. thank you guys for the music! I can only imagine just seeing them one time how electrifying that would be.
  • Totally Cool

    By mla65
    I'm not a big fan of any live album. However, this live version is totally cool. So totally worth the purchase price and sounds great too. Great song selections. For anyone but ABBA fans will really love it.
  • They're Still Alive

    By buizel123
    Thank you ABBA for finally releasing a good legit live album, now if only we could get some demos, and unreleased tracks perhaps? (Just Like That)? Since Agnetha has come out with new music maybe the four of you can go back into the studio and release a new single for charity?
  • Unexpectedly un-doctored.

    By wambam
    I expected a similar treatment of this concert as what we heard in the live album from the 80s: live songs, heavily "touched-up" in the studio. This release, however, is surprisingly raw. They’ve left every imperfection, every wayward vocal warble, every awkward transition, and even a couple of weird tempo issues, here for all to embrace. With digital technology as advanced as it is, they could have easily made this release pristine and flawless and I’m SO grateful they didn’t do that. As it is, considering the lack of technology available to them at the time it was recorded, it’s mind-boggling that they were able to wrangle so many moving parts to recreate live even a little of the ethereal experience of their studio work. For me personally, the highlights on the record include the most stirring version of “The Way Old Friends Do” we’ve heard so far, and the heavy-lifting throughout the concert by Frida. We still get a taste of Agnetha’s angelic voice but her live delivery was a bit timid while Frida is loud and bold and seems as if she could have had a great career doing musical theatre. For ABBA fans, this recording will be uniquely treasured.
  • A pleasure to my ears

    By Milly5rn
    Music without time. Wish I lived in that years.
  • The best (live) from the best group of all time.

    By D1MC
    This live recording of ABBA at Wembley Arena is astoundingly good and proves that live in concert ABBA was a true force with wonderful musicians and singers. Many groups and singers today could not do this at this level. Some major hit songs here with some lesser known tracks including one unreleased song. The greatest pop group of all time. Much love and many thanks to the awesome foursome that is ABBA!!!
  • My Guilty Pleasure!

    By One4JW
    5 stars because I just couldn't help myself. The last time ABBA released a "new" album was when I was 16 years old. That album was 'The Visitors'. There have been a few albums since that had some original material that I was not aware of and I got that spark again...but this live album was special! I'm an Agnetha fan and hearing "I'm Still Alive" for the first time was overwhelming. This live album is pretty raw as they did not add additional "sparkle" from the studio. The first live album (ABBA Live) was polished up with some digital drums and studio "tricks". This one feels real. The voices are a bit washed at times and the drums are heavy but for the true ABBA fan it's an hour and 50 minutes of smiles and giggles. Enjoy! I did.
  • this is music !!!!!!!!

    By Herbert Dell Monica
    and not of my time …...