Out of the Blue 2010 - System F User Reviews

  • Everything you love is gone

    By D3N1ZEN
    Dance music is officially played out, the best of it was made 10 years ago or longer. As proof I present Out of the Blue 2010. I saw it on PVD's new mix cd and came here to the source and I am glad I did. Boy,I get to hear Out of the Blue again, what a treat. Stab me in the ear before I have to hear another song that wasn't great the first time around get a 10 track maxi-single dedicated to making it sound almost exactly the same.

    By thatlldopig
    SYSTEM F ROCKS!! Out of the Blue is one of my favorite songs of all time, not just in the trance genre. I strongly recommend these remixes to anyone out there who likes trance. The Mauro Picotto remix of Out of the Blue-not on this disc-is also a particularly great version of this song. Also, Pegasus by System F is great. And if you like this, or Ferry Corsten(System F) or Tiesto, you should check out Gouryella which was Ferry Corsten and Tiesto together.
  • AWESOME!!!

    By Djevolution04
    This album is awesome!! One of Ferry's Classic songs being remade in 2010 I picked up the Hi Tack Extended mix might get a few more later on but all these songs are awesome :D
  • Out of the Blue

    By Remix Enthusiast
    Literally, this compilation caught me out of the blue. Bad pun. Anyway, my hat goes off to Ferry Corsten, of course for this classic trance track. And also, of course, there are some amazing renovations in this collection. Particularly, I like the Hi-Tack, Stoneface+Terminal, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Tiesto versions as far as the remixes are concerned. But, Ferry Corsten is one of main artists who made me appreciate trance music up to this point. So, you've gotta get his self-produced extensions of this song too. Overall, it's worthwhile to buy this entire collection. I strongly recommend anything with the System F moniker. I also recommend Ferry Corsten's L.E.F. album as well as the extended versions and remixes that were inspired by that album.
  • System F!!!

    By meehsillyboy
    Ferry's the best. This has to be my favorite track. Violin Edit and Original are a must.